Incomplete By Tammy Nicole Glover

My life is not complete without You, Lord.
I don't need to see it to believe it
A life without Christ, I can't conceive it.

It doesn't matter where I go
Or who I know
If it's not in You, it's just for show

No matter how high I climb
Or how hard I grind
The Lover of my soul is always on my mind.

All for His glory
The beginning and end of my story.
No eye has seen nor ear has heard
All He has in stored hasn't been explored.

I want to let the world know
It's not about cars, money or fame
God's treasures puts all of that to shame
Gonna lift Him higher
Staying close is my desire.

My life is not complete without my Lord and Savior.
My Eternal Friend
Who has granted me so much favor.

Who am I, Lord, that You are mindful of me?
Spoiled and broken
Your selfless love has captured me
Cleansed and restored
I'm Yours for all eternity.

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