17353490_1238113886237499_2548996067107861245_nBalm4thesoul is a weekly inspirational blog.  It is my my hope that these devotionals bring encouragement to you.

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  1. Hey Sis !! Your podcast really encouraged me. One of the sisters sent it to me 😭and it was what I needed at that very moment. I’m so grateful for you , and the way I feel very peaceful when I hear your voice. I thank God for you and I pray that you never stop !! I will continue to share and follow . My new favorite PODCAST. I was planning on starting my podcast as well , but I had a little bit discouragement and fear about it and yet again you ministered to my soul with your words. Thank You sis 🙏🏽😭

    1. Amen Sis! Glory to God! It’s the Lord’s podcast. As long as He tells me to keep going, I’ll obey. I was afraid to do a podcast because I hated my voice but God told me to do it and I obeyed. I’m so glad I did too. If you feel it’s something the Lord has put on your heart to do, DO IT, SIS! LOL!!! I can’t wait to hear it. Let me know if you need any help. I’ll be happy to give any advice that I’ve learned so far. Mind you, it isn’t much but such as I have, I’ll freely give. Be blessed,Sis! I love you and thank you. Your words have encouraged me more than you can imagine. 💜😭

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