“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV




I may not know the right words to say. I may not speak eloquently. I may not have a lot of charisma and charm. My voice my be soft and mild, but when I speak the words that God has placed inside my heart, I’m always heard loud and clear. The words flow freely and smoothly from my mouth. Even when I don’t understand what I’m saying, I’m still understood by the one listening.




I’m not a scholar, complex theories and equations elude me. I don’t have several degrees displayed on my wall. I certainly don’t have the answers to life’s mysteries. I do have the wisdom of God that helps me solve problems that the best minds in the world can’t solve.




I’m not an athletic. I can’t shoot a hoop or catch a baseball. I can’t run a marathon and I can’t climb a mountain but with my faith in God, I can tell the mountain to move and it will obey.




I may be up against the biggest giant, who is proficient in the most advanced weapons. He may be an expert at hand to hand combat. I, on the other hand, may only have a slingshot and a rock, but because I have the power of God and an army of angels on my side, I am a warrior who can slay any giant.




I may be weak on my own but with God I am strong. Praise God, that there is no obstacle that He can’t overcome. There is no battle He can’t win. There is no sickness He can’t heal and there is no problem that He can’t solve. He is God Almighty.




“My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:2 NIV







One thought on “IN WEAKNESS, I AM STRONG By Tammy Glover

  1. Your entry is such a blessing to me. It reminds me God is with me and I don’t have to depend only on myself. Keep up the anointed writing, Tam. I enjoy your blog so much!

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