“With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”  Mark 10:27 NIV

I am not in crisis.  I am in the one that at the mere mention of His name, demons tremble.  Every knee bows in heaven, on earth and below the earth.  Jesus.

I’m in the one who died on a cross, so that I may be saved.  He was raised from the dead.  No, I’m not in crisis.  I’m in the one who conquered death.  Jesus.

I make mistakes.  Sometimes, I trip over my own two feet.  I never stay down for too long because I’m in the one whose blood washes away all my sins.  Jesus.

I walk in dark places.  I have an enemy that wants to harm me.  He lies, steals and tries to kill me every chance he gets.  I’m not afraid because I’m in the one who is the Light and the Truth.  He protects me, avenges me and returns all that is stolen from me in double.  Jesus.

I may not have anyone to talk to sometimes.  At times, I may feel betrayed or get my feelings hurt by people close to me.  I’m not alone though, I’m in the one who everyone must go through in order to get to the Heavenly Father.  Jesus.

I’m exposed to deadly viruses and diseases.  I unknowingly breathe in toxic fumes and ingest poisonous chemicals.  I’m still standing because I’m in the one by whose stripes I am healed.  Jesus.

Nope, I’m not in crisis.  I’m in Jesus Christ.  If you see tears in my eyes, they are tears of joy.  I have joy because he loves me.  I ask and receive because I believe.

If you hear me shouting Hallelujah, I’m praising him because I have overcome.  When I am on his side, I am always victorious, even when it doesn’t look like it.  I think I’ll say it again. HALLELUJAH!

If you see me with my arms outstretched towards heaven, I’m receiving comfort and strength from him.  Nobody’s arms are stronger and nobody gives better hugs.

If you hear me singing at the top of my lungs.  I’m just singing his praises.  To you, my life may look like it’s falling apart but I’m still in Christ and he’s always worthy to be praised.

If you see me dancing around like a fool, don’t call the doctors.  I’m just crazy about Jesus.  I may not be graceful or have any rhythm but that’s ok because I’m in Christ.  It’s ok for you to praise him too.  Lift your hands, raise your voice and do a little dance because Jesus is Lord.  He’s coming back whether you believe or not.  The benefits for believing far outweigh the struggles.  He’ll even be with you during your struggles.  You can’t lose.  If you haven’t already, accept him into your life today.

“Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  Mark 5:36 NIV

3 thoughts on “NOT IN CRISIS, IN CHRIST by Tammy Glover

  1. This is always a timely message. Many time we look at our situations and tell God how messed up our situation is instead of telling our situation how MIGHTY and POWERFUL our God is. Thanks Tammy! Keep up the good work for His rewards are great!

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