Neither Seen, Nor Heard By Tammy Nicole Glover

I am no one yet everyone
Nothing yet everything
Nowhere yet everywhere.

I'm overlooked in the shadows
Yet my presence is undeniable.
My voice is loud but still not heard.

As I lift up, I'm torn down.
Neglected and abused
But I stand strong and proud.

I'm not known for my beauty.
My eyes the color of mud, see all
Nothing escapes me
Not hatred, not envy, not resentment.
My hair, full, curly and tattered
Repulses yet mesmerizes.
My rich dark skin calls out in pain from a lifetime of unhealed scars.

I'm not the elusive, sparkly white unicorn that you constantly seek
I'm the dark unicorn that carries generations worth of burdens
Ever present, ever faithful, always taken for granted.

I spend my days trying to prove to him, to her, to they, to me
That I am beautifully and wonderfully made
By the same Almighty God that created them.
But everyday I fall short in a blaze with no glory.

A true superhero no one knows exists. 
My identity completely unknown even to myself.
Powerful yet never reaching full strength.
I brush the ashes off my tattered wings
Head held high, eyes wide open
I attempt to fly into the sun.
A chain of fear and contempt pulls me back down.

Feeling suffocated, weary and alone in this battle
Why can't I give up?
I hear a still small voice tell me
You are worthy.
Your life matters.
It's time to fly.

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