I Own It By Tammy Nicole Glover

I own my anger, it’s all mine. I wear my anger as a badge of honor, boldly displaying it wherever I go. Don’t be fooled. I’ll speak of good things for a while, but if you mention that thing that happened to me ten years ago, I will explode. I’ll let everyone who is willing to listen to me about how I was mistreated. I’ll be so wrapped up in reliving those memories that I won’t notice how people’s eyes glaze over when I ask, “do you know what they did to me.” I won’t even notice when people start to avoid me like the plague. Everyone needs to know what happened. I didn’t do anything wrong. They made me like this.

Wait a minute, let me back up for a minute. I just said that, “they made me like this.” Could it really be that I’ve given the people who hurt me control over my life? Have I allowed them to keep me miserable and miss out on divine relationships and opportunities? You know, I can’t remember the last time I clearly heard from God since I relinquished control. What in the world is wrong with me?

Lord, please, forgive me for the time I’ve wasted holding on to my anger. Help me to let it go. Please, heal my broken heart and help me to forgive those that have hurt me.

“In your anger do not sin: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.” Ephesians 4:26-27 NIV

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