“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19 NIV

I am already delivered and forgiven. I am already healed. I have already received grace and mercy. My purpose has already been assigned and my path has been laid out before me. In this New Year, I will rejoice for the Lord has been good to me. Even though, I can’t see all the blessings in store for me, I know that they are within my grasp. I will thank the Lord continually.

I am letting go of all the insecurities, the anger, the bitterness, the worry and the unforgiveness that I held on to last year. This year, I will not walk in fear, but in love. I will not lean on my own understanding, but I will trust in the Lord. I will not do things my way, but the Lord’s way, as He guides me to my destiny. I will continue to press forward. In my weakness, I am made strong by the power of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Father, for this New Year.

“I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.” Psalm 9: 1-2 NIV

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