Things Forgotten By Tammy Glover

“The unfolding of your words gives light.  It gives understanding.” Psalm 119:130

How can someone so blessed feel so empty?  How can someone so anointed feel like such a failure?  How can someone so loved feel so unworthy?  How can someone so protected feel so frightened?  How can someone whose every needs are met, worry about tomorrow?  How can someone whose path has been laid out in front of them, feel so lost?

How can someone be so selfish, when someone has sacrificed their life for them?  How can someone so wounded go out of their way to hurt someone else?

It’s because they have forgotten who they come from.  They have forgotten that they are a child of the Most High.  They have forgotten that their Father is pure love.  They have forgotten that all things are possible with Him.

Blessed are those who remember and reach out their hands to those who have forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Things Forgotten By Tammy Glover

  1. Wonderful message. Sometimes we all forget who we are and we need to be reminded. Thanks for the reminder.

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