“your love, O Lord, endures forever” Psalm 138:8

Still Waiting  by Tammy Glover

I have given them everything.  I’ve given them a magnificent place to live, yet they abuse it.  I’ve given them plenty of food and water, yet its never enough.  I’ve given them my Word, yet they say its fiction.  I’ve given them my precious son to bring them salvation, yet they say he never existed.  Even some that know better, still don’t truly believe.  I’ve given them my Holy Spirit to guide them, yet they’re still lost, wandering the desert.  I give them comfort, yet they are still broken-hearted.  I send them my angels to watch over them, yet they still walk in fear.  I give them healing, yet they still refuse to receive it. 

I want to give them even more blessings, if they would just take one step towards me.  There is nothing I can’t do or give them.  They are my children and I will never stop loving them.  Even if they don’t recognize me, I will still wait for them with open arms.  All I ever wanted in return was their love and faithfulness.  I have a place prepared for those who seek me.  I’ll come for them soon.

Will you be ready?

2 thoughts on ““your love, O Lord, endures forever” Psalm 138:8

  1. Excellent! You know what we believe what we want to believe. We don’t believe when everything is going well, but the moment we need Him we fall on our knee’s begging for help, healing and deliverance. We have to believe and follow Him while it is day, because night comes when no man know. Work while it is day people. God has done so much for us and yet we reject Him and don’t want to follow is Word. Guess what His Word will save us and if we follow Him we will be ready when He comes for us.

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